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Gyratory Sample Box
“Florida” Box
“Pizza” Box
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Silicone Liner

The silicone liner was designed for the easy release of the asphalt sample, without contaminating the material. This means that when your sample hits the ideal temperature for compaction, it will slide out of our boxes effortlessly into your mold.

Easy-To-Fold Design

We ship our boxes flat to help you with storage, but never fear our boxes are easy to fold. If you have any troubles, you can always call us, we’ll walk you through the steps but we’re confident you wont need to.

Storage that meets your needs

Our Boxes hold up to 5000 grams, the perfect sample size for a gyratory compactor. Sound too good to be true? We designed them that way.

Florida Sample Box

Crumb Rubber Mix is some really sticky stuff! That’s why we developed a box that conforms to FDOT and GDOT requirements and comes with a silicone liner. No matter the stickyness, your mix will slide right out.

  • Perfect Size

  • Oven Safe!

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Perfect Size

The “Florida” Box holds 10,000 grams of material, the ideal size for testing Crumb Rubber mix! It also has built in sockets that keep the box closed, and wont open while heating or in transit.

Oven Safe

Our boxes can be safely put into any heating oven to keep your sample at temperature.


Not only is it 100% Recyclable, it can be used again… and again… and again. Each box holds up during typical use, and is usually good up to 5 times.

*Although we are required to tell you that your individual results may vary.

Plate Sample “Pizza” Box

Plate Sample boxes were designed for the Indiana Spec.

  • Oven Safe – To Keep your samples warm

  • Reusable – Up to 5 Times

  • 100% Recyclable Materials

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