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GTSSI is your go-to for NCAT service, pyroclean service, lab supplies, and out of the box thinking. Our goal isn’t to force sell you new equipment, we use our expertise to guide you to fix the equipment you already have. This saves you money, and ensures that your lab stays up and running. And if your equipment isn’t able to be repaired, or your just looking for other options, we partner with multiple equipment providers to find you the best solution! Not to mention the best pricing available!

Lab supplies for everyone

While we do focus on the asphalt industry, our lab supplies are available to anyone. We scour the web and distribution networks to find the best pricing for lab supplies, and are even equipped to handle special requests.

New product developement

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We take industry favorites, and look for improvements. To date, we have:

We are focused on improving the asphalt industry by Setting the Example for our competitors, and together we can bring change that will create better transportation networks throughout the world.

P.I.E.² Oven
  • Anti-corrosive stainless steel exterior

  • 5.0 cu/ft. (141.6L) oven chamber – The LARGEST on the market

  • All digital, easy-to-use, customized display


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