Asphalt Rice Testing

Vacuum Pumps

We sell oiled and oiless vacuum pumps for testing. Contact Gordon Technical Sales & Service for pricing and availability.


We sell several sizes and styles. The pycnometers are available in cast aluminum or stainless steel. The bowl sizes range from 4 to 8 inches tall. The sample volume ranges from 1500 grams up to 4000 grams. The pycnometer set includes aluminum volumetric canister; volumetric lid; flat, vinyl vacuum lid with O-ring and a metal water vacuum aspirator with 3/8″ IPT and 6′ hose with release valve and fittings. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Laboratory Indicating Drierite

Connected in-line with the vacuum pump and pycnometer the laboratory air/gas drying unit will protect your vacuum pump against water damage and corrosion. The air/gas drying unit will help extend the life of the pump. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Vacuum Gauges

We sell the digital manometer (standard or certified) and liquid filled dial gauges. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Vibrating Table

We sell several models of vibrating tables. Contact us for pricing and availability.


There are several options available. These timers are made to automatically shut-off the equipment when the test is complete. They can be used with any 120V equipment. Contact us for pricing and availability.


We sell a a variety of heavy walled Erlenmeyer Flasks with or without the vented side barb. Sizes range from 250 ml up to 4000 ml. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Accessories and Repair Kits 

We sell various sizes and lengths of Lab lease paper for sample preparation and the the dispensers. We have the vacuum level adjusting valve, vacuum tubing and vacuum rebuild kits.